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Fanfix allows creators to better monetize their following and gives fans more intimate access to exclusive content via subscription.

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Mezcla is mixing up the bland protein-based snacking category. Its first product, the Puff-Crispy, replaces the traditional slab-style protein bar with an innovative, crunchy texture developed from puffed pea protein. 

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tbh - To Be Honest, is a sustainability focused snacking company that makes a vegan hazelnut cocoa spread primarily from hazelnuts. Its spread contains no palm oil and has significantly less sugar than the competitor. 


Handle is an instant convenience store for college students, delivering snacks, beverages, ice cream and more in 15 minutes or less by utilizing a student workforce and electric vehicles.

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Sauz is a culinary lifestyle brand seeking to upend outdated sectors of grocery by providing tastefully unique twists on traditional favorites. 

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DeLance is a freelancing platform powered by blockchain technology. DeLance aims to provide a convenient, efficient, and trustless platform, ensuring the protection of both freelancers and hirers.

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Sundays makes healthy cream cookies with zero sugar, 7g of protein and zero net carbs per serving.

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