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The NextPace two-in-one Thermo-Sanitizer features state of the art functionality and a sleek design that makes it the perfect device for virus prevention and safer social environments. For details on purchasing and bulk discounts, request a quote below.


  • Hands-Free non-contact self-service hand thermometer test station

  • Instant reading with LCD digital display

  • Reads body temperatures in less than .5 seconds

  • Fever Alarm & high-temperature Alarm

  • Runs on 4 AA Batteries or Power Supply

  • Holds 300 ML of liquid or gel hand sanitizer

  • Mount on the wall or by the optional tripod stand



The NextPace Thermo-Sanitizer features state of the art functionality and a sleek design, making it the perfect device for ensuring safe and sanitary environments. Our Thermo-Sanitizer allows for users to approach the device to have both their temperature taken and their hands sanitized in under a half-second. Unlike many other thermometer devices, our Thermo-Sanitizer does not require users to put their forehead or face close to the device. Instead, users simply can lift their hands to the device to have their temperature taken. Our device is completely free of physical contact — a necessary element to virus prevention.

If the device detects a temperature greater than 100.4 F, a vocalized alarm will sound off along with a red indicator light and temperature readout on the LED display. The light-weight body of our Thermo-Sanitizer and wall mount or tripod positioning options make it easy to maneuver to the desired location, no matter the environment.  Our device can be powered by either a standard 5v wall plug (which is included with the device) or with 4 AA batteries for portable needs. The NextPace Thermo-Sanitizer is designed for companies who rely on quality and well-designed products to keep their customers safe and satisfied.



Non–contact infrared thermometer with built-in sanitizer dispenser


PowerPoint Presentation.jpg

Non-contact temperature measurement by placing palm before machine. 

Real-time readout of user's temperature via an LED display

Automatic sanitizer dispenser via sensor beneath machine.


Refillable 300mL bottle that can be filled with any gel-based hand sanitizer, good for up to 600 uses per bottle

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