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The NextPace C-8000 is a non-invasive thermometer with a built-in alarm system to alert for abnormal temperatures. This high-tech management device uses infrared thermal imaging technology for contact-free temperature detection. The device terminal is equipped with a built-in wide dynamic dual camera, night infrared, and temperature measurement module. This device helps achieve more secure, efficient, and orderly personnel control access.

Pricing starts at $1599. Please request a quote below to hear more about our bulk discount offerings.  


  • Hands-Free non-contact self-service thermometer and face scanner 

  • Dynamic biometric face recognition technology verifies individual faces with 99.8% accuracy 

  • Detects subtle variations in faces of all kinds with or without masks

  • Quick and accurate recognition up to 3-feet

  • Fever Alarm & high-temperature Alarm

  • Available with wall mount, desktop stand, and floor stand (see below)

  • Built-in management and data software

  • Employee time clock functionality


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